On this blog, we have gone over various issues related to overtime violations. Regrettably, these violations can affect those who work in various fields and upend the lives of employees of all ages. However, some people may be particularly vulnerable when it comes to denied overtime and other employee rights violations. For example, a young worker may not receive overtime pay that they were entitled to because their employer thought they could get away with taking advantage of the worker.

Sometimes, younger workers’ rights are denied because they may not have a clear understanding of how employment law protects them, while others worry that if they say anything about it they will lose their job, which can be particularly worrisome in a competitive job market. If you have a teenager who is employed and you suspect that they have not received overtime pay that should have been given to them, you should look into the situation and consider your options if their rights were violated. Furthermore, if you are a young worker (or an employee of any age) and you think that your employer shorted you with respect to overtime pay or another issue related to employment law, you should not be afraid to speak out.

In some instances, employees are able to successfully file complaints, holding responsible those who violated their rights and receiving the compensation they need. If you browse through our law firm’s website, you will read more information related to denied overtime and other matters concerning employee rights violations.