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How to know if your salary status makes you eligible for overtime

You may have heard people say before that salaried employees are never eligible to work overtime and receive overtime pay. However, this misunderstood concept is actually not true. At Donelon, P.C., we have helped many workers in Missouri to receive adequate compensation in cases where their overtime pay is in question.  While it is standard for non-salaried employees to be eligible to work overtime, there are actually some exceptions which could also make you eligible for this same benefit even if you are a salaried employee. According to Chron, when you are paid a salary, you have most likely signed [...]

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Supreme Court ruling puts class-action lawsuits in jeopardy

Class-action lawsuits have long permitted employees to sue employers who violate wage and labor laws. For years, this has spared employees the time and expense of having to litigate separate cases regarding the same issue. However, Supreme Court justices recently threw a wrench in this long-standing practice with a ruling that puts class-action lawsuits on the line. Mandatory arbitration clauses bar employees from banding together Last month, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Epic Systems Corporation, a company that was accused of misclassifying employees to cheat them out of overtime pay. However, the employer fired back stating that their employees [...]

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Can you optimize your time to reduce the need to work overtime?

You have just received your schedule for the upcoming month and it is already quickly filling with appointments, meetings, presentations and research. Each of your responsibilities seems to come with a pressing deadline. Your responsibility is to manage your time and get it all finished. As with many other employees in Missouri, your first thought is to schedule some overtime hours to get everything done. However, have you ever considered finding ways to optimize your time to reduce the need to work overtime? According to LinkedIn, there are several reasons why you may find yourself needing to work overtime to [...]

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Staffing deficits require prison nurses to work overtime

When employees of Missouri companies are asked to work extra hours outside of their designated hours, they have the right to be paid overtime. According to state and federal guidelines, employees should receive one and a half times their standard pay rate during all overtime hours worked. Any overtime pay that is accrued by employees should be received within the pay period it was earned. Companies who fail to abide by the law are subject to legal punishment.  In a recent case out of Ohio, there has been a growing concern as prison nurses are being asked to work excessive overtime to [...]

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What to do if your employer is not giving you your overtime pay

When an employee in a Missouri company works more than 40 hours in a workweek, and he or she is not overtime exempt, it is natural to expect the paycheck to reflect the time-and-a-half pay for each hour of overtime. If the paycheck is much less than expected based on the minimum rate, the employee may want to explore the reasons for it.  An employer that refuses to correct the issue may believe that the employee will have little recourse. However, federal and state laws protect employees from being taken advantage of in this way. According to the Missouri Department of Labor [...]

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Can financial institutions require employees to work overtime?

You love your job in the financial industry, but just recently your employer has been requiring that you work overtime. Maybe you're a single mom, or a busy dad with kids, and you barely get enough quality family time as it is. Do you have to work overtime, or can you just say no?  The answer is yes to both. But if you do say no, your employer could fire you. Can my employer do that? Most employees are used to the standard 40-hour work week, but this is not necessarily the case in all situations. You may find yourself [...]

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