You have just received your schedule for the upcoming month and it is already quickly filling with appointments, meetings, presentations and research. Each of your responsibilities seems to come with a pressing deadline. Your responsibility is to manage your time and get it all finished. As with many other employees in Missouri, your first thought is to schedule some overtime hours to get everything done. However, have you ever considered finding ways to optimize your time to reduce the need to work overtime? According to LinkedIn, there are several reasons why you may find yourself needing to work overtime to accomplish all of your assigned tasks. These reasons include the following: Distractions: You may find that during the day when you are starting new projects, that frequent interruptions can turn into lengthy distractions that take you away from your work. Limiting these distractions and learning how to filter what is an immediate need and what can wait is imperative if you are going to use your time productively.  People-pleasing: If you are someone who feels the intense desire to say yes to everyone and to be everything for everyone, you may find yourself working excessive overtime hours. While it is never a bad idea to help out, learning to say no and allow yourself time to take care of personal needs is important to maintaining a good work-life balance.  Excessive meetings: Are you scheduling meetings for every little thing? Are there concerns that can be handled in other ways rather than meeting face-to-face? Save meetings for issues that require interpersonal connection and try to use alternative means of communication for everything else. 
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