We have covered many of the different ways in which overtime violations manifest in the workplace, whether they affect younger workers or those who are paid a salary. However, there are many other considerations with regard to overtime violations that occur far too often in Missouri and cannot be overlooked. For example, some workers may be asked or pressured to work off the clock in order to prevent their work week from exceeding 40 hours. In some cases, even part-time workers are asked to work off the clock regardless of overtime, simply to avoid paying workers what they are owed.

All employers should be aware of overtime laws, but some may pretend that they are not familiar with particular requirements in order to evade their responsibilities and take advantage of those they employ. Ideally, this behavior would be addressed right away, but it remains too common in workplaces across the state. Sometimes, an employer may be aware that one of their employees will exceed 40 hours if they work a bit longer, thus entitling them to overtime pay, and ask the worker to work off the clock. Some employees may dismiss their concerns and tell themselves that the request is not a big deal, without realizing the severity of this violation.

If you have been working off the clock in recent weeks or have been dealing with this for many years, you should stand up for your rights at once. Our website is a portal for those who would like to learn more about denied overtime and related topics.