For many workers in Missouri, the idea of working overtime to make some extra money is a welcomed way to boost a paycheck or save up for something special. In fact, under federal law, employers are required to pay overtime in many states once a worker has exceeded so many hours in a week. However, if not properly monitored, dishonest employees can get away with claiming overtime hours they have not actually worked.

Take for example a recent case out of Baltimore, Maryland where a policeman has been convicted of crimes involving abuse of overtime pay. In what appears to be a widespread problem among the Baltimore Police Department, the officer collected nearly $9,000 worth of normal and overtime pay during periods when he was not actually working. In one incident, it was discovered that he was at home while he claimed to be actively patrolling the downtown casino district in Baltimore. Investigators began monitoring the officer and discovered his alleged misconduct. While he awaits his sentencing, he is currently suspended from the department without pay.

If people are dealing with legal battles in regards to discrepancies in overtime payouts, they may wish to enlist the help of a trusted attorney. This may enable them to receive pointed guidance, develop a persuasive case and work towards acquiring the compensation that is rightfully theirs. A legal professional also has the experience to navigate complications related to overtime calculations and payouts to provide people with suggestions for avoiding future issues.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Baltimore Police Officer Convicted Of Taking Unearned Pay,” Mar. 26, 2018