Whether you are an employee or own a company, you may have numerous questions related to employment law. After all, there are many facets of this legal area, employees have many rights, and the laws vary from one state to the next. For example, some wonder if employees have the ability to waive overtime pay. When it comes to overtime, some people may not realize the protections that are in place, which can be disastrous for employers and employees alike. While an employee may miss out on income that they depend on and were supposed to receive, an employer may face penalties for violating the law.

The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations states that employees are not allowed to waive their right to overtime pay. In fact, this is prohibited under both federal and state law. If you have been asked to give up your right to overtime pay that you were eligible for, you should look into all of your options right away, such as filing a complaint. To some people, the idea of giving up overtime pay on a voluntary basis may sound unimaginable, but there are different reasons why this may occur, such as an employee being tricked into thinking such a decision will benefit them.

Regrettably, overtime violations continue to impact workers at an unacceptable rate. Sometimes, people who experience these violations are afraid to do something about it and others do not realize that the law was broken. Regardless, violators should always be held accountable.