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Bahnam, et al. v. George Abro and MortgagePros, L.L.C.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, 2:24-cv-10782; Filed: March 27, 2024.    

Our office filed a class action claim on behalf of Mortgage Loan Originators, Loan Processors, Loan Partners and Lead Generators who worked for MortgagePros over the past three years.  A collective class action claim for minimum wages and overtime pay was brought under the federal wage and hour laws-the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)-and class action claim under Michigan’s wage and hour laws. The lawsuit alleges that these employees were not properly paid minimum wage and overtime for all hours worked. It seeks minimum wage and overtime pay on behalf of these employees who worked there within the past three years. It also seeks liquidated damages in an amount equal to the wages owed.

For a copy of the lawsuit: click here.

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