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Young workers and overtime violations

On this blog, we have gone over various issues related to overtime violations. Regrettably, these violations can affect those who work in various fields and upend the lives of employees of all ages. However, some people may be particularly vulnerable when it comes to denied overtime and other employee rights violations. For example, a young worker may not receive overtime pay that they were entitled to because their employer thought they could get away with taking advantage of the worker.

An introduction to overtime distribution

For many members of the Missouri workforce, the option to work overtime and collect additional benefits is an opportunity to create a better financial situation. However, this advantage can become increasingly frustrating when employers fail to properly distribute overtime pay or neglect to recognize a worker's extra contributions altogether. When employees are aware of how overtime pay is determined, they may be better able to recognize when they are being treated unfairly. 

Can an employee waive overtime pay?

Whether you are an employee or own a company, you may have numerous questions related to employment law. After all, there are many facets of this legal area, employees have many rights, and the laws vary from one state to the next. For example, some wonder if employees have the ability to waive overtime pay. When it comes to overtime, some people may not realize the protections that are in place, which can be disastrous for employers and employees alike. While an employee may miss out on income that they depend on and were supposed to receive, an employer may face penalties for violating the law.

A salary does not automatically exempt you from overtime pay

It may have seemed like a step up when you became a salaried employee and took on more job duties at your place of employment in Missouri. However, staying late, coming in early and being on call can be wearing, especially now that you are not getting overtime pay. We at the law office of Donelon, P.C., often provide legal information and assistance to workers whose employers are not paying them the overtime pay they are due.

What are some examples of overtime violations?

In the workplace, the rights of employees are violated in many ways. From discrimination to wrongful termination, these violations can create numerous challenges for those whose rights have been ignored or intentionally violated. However, overtime violations are especially problematic and some workers in Kansas City and other parts of Missouri are not even aware that they are being taken advantage of. There are different ways in which overtime violations occur and it is important for employees as well as employers to understand the law and take action in the event that it is broken.

Supreme Court hearing: car dealerships and overtime pay

The Supreme Court frequently encounters cases that involve confusion over the exact definitions and wording within the law. One such case now requires the judges to closely review the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to determine exactly who is entitled to overtime pay at automobile dealerships.

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