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How can you tell if you are an independent contractor?

If you are part of the workforce in Missouri, chances are you value your job. Even though it may be stressful at times, your career allows you the chance to learn and strengthen your skills and to afford a living on top of that. Understanding your title is imperative to making sure you receive all of the benefits you deserve. So, how can you tell if you are an independent contractor?

The companionship services exemption

At the law office of Donelon, P.C., in Missouri, we understand that some of the exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act can be confusing. If you provide care for an elderly or disabled person, you may have some questions about how your employers should pay you, and whether you may qualify for overtime.

Classification of child care center determines overtime exemption

The Fair Labor Standards Act lists a number of professions that are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime laws. Teachers in Missouri are among those listed, so even when they routinely work more than 40 hours per week, their employers do not have to pay them more. Some child care centers call their employees teachers, points out. Are these workers exempt?

Does your travel time count toward your total hours worked?

Your Missouri employer pays you hourly wages and sometimes requires you to travel from one worksite to another, to conferences and trade shows, and to meetings with vendors. Your supervisor says time spent in the vehicle does not count as part of your workday, and as a result, you must often stay after business hours to make up the time. Is your employer cheating you out of your rightfully earned overtime pay?

Misclassification could cost workers their overtime pay

Many workers in Missouri who regularly spend more than 40 hours each week performing job duties may expect to receive overtime pay, or time-and-a-half, for the extra hours. However, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Fair Labor Standards Act does not require employers to pay independent contractors overtime pay, and because of this, some companies intentionally misclassify workers

What is time clock rounding?

When it comes to overtime pay, there are some employers who will do anything to avoid it. You may have worked for an employer that watched hours very closely and stopped you from clocking in if it would mean you went into overtime. This is understandable since overtime pay costs them more money. However, there may be some employers in Missouri who take their methods too far and actually cheat you out of earned overtime pay. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Overtime Pay

As a worker in Kansas City, you may rely on overtime pay to get by. As a result, it’s essential that you’re fully aware of the process to ensure that you’re being paid fairly and according to all applicable laws and regulations. The following are a few commonly asked questions regarding overtime pay, with answers provided by the United States Department of Labor.

Discrepancies in overtime pay a widespread issue for Baltimore PD

For many workers in Missouri, the idea of working overtime to make some extra money is a welcomed way to boost a paycheck or save up for something special. In fact, under federal law, employers are required to pay overtime in many states once a worker has exceeded so many hours in a week. However, if not properly monitored, dishonest employees can get away with claiming overtime hours they have not actually worked. 

Should you get paid for working during your lunch break?

Although Missouri does not require employers to provide lunch breaks to employees, yours does, and taking that half hour off the clock to sit down in the break room and eat your meal is a perk you appreciate. Your supervisor typically pops in with questions about your work, a client or some other issue, and the two of you may spend some or all of the time that you are eating in discussion. Is that fair, or even legal?

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