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How to know if your salary status makes you eligible for overtime

You may have heard people say before that salaried employees are never eligible to work overtime and receive overtime pay. However, this misunderstood concept is actually not true. At Donelon, P.C., we have helped many workers in Missouri to receive adequate compensation in cases where their overtime pay is in question. 

While it is standard for non-salaried employees to be eligible to work overtime, there are actually some exceptions which could also make you eligible for this same benefit even if you are a salaried employee. According to Chron, when you are paid a salary, you have most likely signed or agreed to some kind of statement that indicates how many hours your employer expects you to work in a given time period. Based off of that agreement, you are paid a consistent amount of money each year. On the contrary, if you are not paid a salary, you will be paid according to how many hours you work during any given pay period. 

If you are paid a salary, you could be classified as either exempt or non-exempt. The difference between the two is as follows:

  • Exempt: If you are a salaried-exempt employee, this means that your responsibilities probably fall into a leadership category. As a result, you may be working hours outside of those designated by your employer, but only because you are completing mandatory management duties. 
  • Non-exempt: If you are a salaried-non-exempt employee, you will be required to work your designated number of hours each pay period, but if you exceed those hours, you will be compensated with overtime pay. 

When you are aware of the differences between exempt and non-exempt salaried employees, you can more confidently decipher which category you fall into. For more information about overtime pay, visit our web page. 


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